Introduction to Voice/Singing

Discover his/her voice

Warm ups

Develop voice with a focus on resonance breath control, intonation, development of high and low registers  

Harmony /rhythm/ body & vocal delivery techniques

Other skills dependent on your focus

Work on songs/Pieces  

Focus on specific audition prep/vocal grades/performance/songwriting/music theory.

Explore various genres of repertoire,

How to prevent damage to the vocal cords. 

Tips and Tricks


Each individual singing lesson will consist of both technique as well as application to a song in order to prepare the student for performance.  lessons suited for all ages and abilities.


Introduction/ Basics 


Intro to reading music/ Finger exercises

Tools essential to play any style of music.  

Assigned pieces



Ear Training

Music Theory

Sight Reading

Aural Training

Tips and tricks


Our piano/keyboard lessons offer a full range of friendly lessons for all ages and abilities. It will help you learn piano/keyboard in a style that caters to your musical interest and unleashes your creativity. Whether you are a novice or expert, we have a lesson suited for you.